Do you want to learn online with one of our teachers?
We are available 7 days per week for online classes both on day and evening time.

Prices for online classes are:


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All our levels are based on the CEFR standard.

To apply for permanent stay permit/citizenship you need to have passed at least the exam for level A2. 


Do you need to prepare for an interview?

Learn language for a specific job?

If yes, then 1-1 individual course in for you!

Our private classes in Norwegian in Østfold and Oslo & Akershus are very effective, and you get even more personal follow-up than in a group class. Private classes are all about you!

You can take private classes that follow our group class curriculum levels (A1-1, A1-2, A2, B1, and so on), or take classes in special subjects such as preparing for a job interview, preparing for Norwegian exams such as the Norskprøve and Bergenstest, or improving your speech, understanding, vocabulary and grammar.


Private classes also mean that you will be taught at a time that suits you best (as long as the teacher is free at that time).

  • Effective
  • Full focus on only you from the teacher
  • Fastest way to learn a new language
  • Flexible learning
  • You can decide what you want to focus more on

To set up a specific plan for you, we need to take a mapping meeting, where we will get to know you and understand what you want to achieve.

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