Test i norsk – høyere nivå

Everybody have heard about the famous norwegian language test in Norway, the dooropening exam called «BERGENSTESTEN». If you are planning to take it or just are curious, or just need some more information and clarity, then you are at the right place.

Bergenstesten is actually called «Test i norsk – høyere nivå» and the test checks your norwegiancompetency on level B2 and C1. There are two tests, one written test and one oral test, and you need to take both individually.

The test is arranged only three times each year and you can choose between taking the test on BOKMÅL or NYNORSK.

  • The written test covers all the requirements that Samordna Opptak has for those who wants to apply for studies at norwegian universities and colleges.
  • The result for passing all the 5 parts of the bergenstest will equal to grade 4 i the norwegian language at Samordna Opptak gradesystem (1 – 6).
  • The oral test is for those who are healthcare professionals and those who need to document their oral norwegiancompetency.


Information about Bergenstesten

Application Rules
  • You can cancel you application before the application deadline and get a refund and not any later. But you will need to contact the school where you are taking the bergenstest.
  • You can also change place of taking the bergenstest until the deadline, not any later. Again you will need to contact your school.
  • It’s only possible to apply for the test thru the schools website.

If there is no seats available for the test you want to take, then you can write your name on the waitlist for bergenstesten.

  • If the school gets an open seat, you will get an offer for the seat for the bergenstest, but if there will be no seats, then you will not get any offer. Because we cannot guarantee seats to everybody.
Extra facilitating

Students that needs facilitating to conduct the test, have the possibility to apply for that. Documentation will be needed and we should get it no later than three days after the application deadline. The documentation needs to be sent to the school.

This applies also for students with dyslexia.

All information will be destroyed after you get your results according to the norwegian laws.

Illness and Absence


If you get ill on the testday and have letter from the Doctor, then you have right to get a refund. Your deductible for the test in 2019 are on 50% which equals to 1195 nok for the written test and 545 nok for the oral test.

You can download the form here: Sykefraværsskjema.pdf


If you are absence without a valid reason confirmed by your doctor or if you leave the test without completing, then you will not pass and you will not get any refund.

Test Preperations

You can buy examples of bergenstesten for your preperations. The excercises are quite similar to the one on the test. Check the shop: Gå til nettbutikk

Test content

The written test has two parts and 5 different subtests.

First part       2,5 hours

Sub test 1     Leseforståelse: tre tekster med til sammen 28-32 åpne spørsmål og flervalgsoppgaver

Sub test 2     Lytteforståelse: 25 flervalgsoppgaver

Sub test 3     Referat: sammendrag av et innspilt intervju

Second Part       2,5 hours

Sub test 4     Grammatikk, ord og uttrykk: 30 oppgaver

Sub test 5     Skriftlig produksjon: én langsvarsoppgave



Norwegian level B2

When you reach this level of norwegian, you should be able to understand the content in complex texts about both concrete and abstract topics, and also professional discussions about your field of work.

You are able to participate in conversations spontaneously and with a fluent communication with ethnic norwegians without having any difficulties.

You can write detailed texts about a wide specter of topics and explain your point of view on current issues, as well as argument for and against diffferent alternatives.

Norwegian level C1

When you reach this norwegian level, you should be able to understand even more difficult texts which are not directly expressed. This is a level where you are able to speak more academically and professional.

These are advanced levels, and a lot of ethnic speakers are not in these levels either.

  • The written test results are ready 7 weeks after the test.
  • The oral test results are ready latest 14 days after the bergenstest.
  • The results will be available online at your test school profile.
  • If you pass the test, you will get the certificate in your post.
  • You have right to complain if you don’t pass the bergenstest. But the three sub tests must be passed. You will complain online at the test school.
  • On the oral test you cannot complain, sorry.



Next written test in Oslo

Test date Applications Opens Deadline Result
19. okt. 2019 30. mar. 2019 18. sep. 2019 28. nov. 2019

Next oral test in Oslo

Test date Application Opens Deadline Result
9. nov. 2019 27. mai 2019 8. okt. 2019 19. nov. 2019



  • Written test 2019: 2390,–
  • Oral test 2019: 1090,–Pris



This information is produced by Folkeuniversitetet og kompetanse Norge and we are only providing it to you.

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