About the course:

Norwegian Level A1 covers Chapters 1 to 9 in the curriculum book “På vei” (2012 edition). This is our first and most basic level, aimed at students that have little or no previous experience with Norwegian.

This is what you learn:

Level A1 is focused on the basics of Norwegian vocabulary and grammar. You will for instance learn how to use Norwegian greetings, introduce yourself, ask questions, the weekdays, shopping and food, friends and family – and much more that you need to get by on a basic day-to-day level.

The second half of A1 is focused on both present and past tense, teaches you more words and ways of expressing yourself, and strengthens your grammatical knowledge further.

  • Basic grammars and pronounciation
  • Words and expressions for introduction and questions to others
  • Words and expressions for common daily situations
  • Ask and answer questions, express positive and negative feelings
  • Write simple texts
  • Read simple ads, texts and so on…


  • Weekday courses lasts 9 sessions in 4 weeks.
  • The sessions are held on two weekday mornings or evenings every week.
  • One lesson hour lasts 50 minutes. A session lasts 3 lesson hours.

Who is the course for:

Beginners course is perfect for you who have no knowledge about the language, but wish to communicate with norwegians. What you learn in this course will set the foundation for your further studies and even at your jobrelated situations.

We also have AU-PAIR courses -> AU-PAIR A1 – A2

Price: 2990,-

You will get diploma with minimum 75% attendance and after you have paid the course fee.